Who are AMSP?

The Associate Missionaries of St. Paul (AMSP) are Catholic men and women, married and single, who:

  • Desire association with the Missionaries of St. Paul as a means of spiritual growth
  • Are ready to be involved in the work of God through prayers, financial and moral support to the clergy
  • Willingly offer their support and bring nearer to the laity the awareness that they can work and serve God well without being ordained priests
  • Work in unity to answer the call of Christ for all to become one by sharing the apostolate/ministry of the Missionaries of St Paul.

The Associate Missionaries Benefit from opportunities to pray with the MSP at Masses, prayer services and are invited to special MSP celebrations.

Associates are remembered daily in the prayers of the MSP and are offered Mass every Friday by the MSP and are encouraged to promote the charism and the mission of the order.

Through a special Solemn Admission Ceremony, a formal relationship is established between the Associates and the Missionaries of St. Paul.