Chad Mission Projects

MSP Projects in Chad and how you can help

MSP Projects in Chad and how you can help Transportation

One of the greatest challenges for the average missionary in Chad is mobility. Many of the roads are unpaved. During the season of rains, most of them become impassable, except with four wheel drives. The present sets of MSP have two weather beaten vans in dire need of urgent replacements. The cost of maintaining these vehicles to keep them road worthy is high. Donations can be made to the promotions department or mission development office for this cause.

School Project

Illiteracy is the bane of many Chadians especially those in the rural areas where MSP priests minister. In one of the primary schools run by an MSP parish the children learn under thatch roofed huts. The schools are closed during the rains, making it impossible for the children to have an uninterrupted academic programme throughout the year. Money is needed to build child-friendly classrooms roofed with corrugated iron sheets. Uniforms and furniture and books have to be provided for these children. Many parents can hardly afford to give their children a decent meal a day. Paying school fees is out of the question.

Primary Health Care

The rate of maternal mortality is very high. Pregnant women who live in rural areas often die as they are ferried by ox-drawn carts to the nearest health facility when labour sets in. In many cases, these clinics are more than 50 kilometers from their homes. Infant mortality is also high due to lack of adequate nutrition. MSP missionaries try to help. But their help is like a drop in the ocean of needs of these people. Funds provided by generous donors will help in the construction of health clinics in the rural areas.

Upkeep of Priests

The Church in Chad like many missionary churches is poor. Most foreign missionaries survive with the support they get from their home countries. The local church struggles to meet the needs of the local clergy, catechists and other church workers. Nigerian missionaries require a lot of support from their home church. Such support can come in the form of buying airfare tickets for missionaries, providing funds that will help supplement the budget they need to provide decent housing and good food for themselves