The priests of the Missionary Society of St Paul are engaged in both primary evangelization and New Evangelization in eighteen countries around the World; Cameroon, Liberia, The Gambia, Chad, South Sudan, Malawi, Botswana, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Grenada, Bahamas, Canada, United States, Italy, Sweden, Ireland and UK. Both Primary Evangelization and New Evangelization have become urgent in the life of the Catholic Church today. As Ambassadors of Christ we respond to the call of the Church in needy dioceses. It is a thing of joy that Africans who used to receive missionaries are now able to send out missionaries to other parts of the world.

In most of these mission areas our missionaries are both committed to spiritual and material wellbeing of the people. Therefore, the provision of portable water, educational and health facilities, feeding programs, and other basic amenities are necessary parts of the Good News that we preach especially in the poor and remote areas where we work.

In Malawi, Chad and South Sudan mission areas, access to clean water is a very big challenge. Many preventable diseases are contracted from drinking contaminated water. Our missionaries therefore, through solicited funds try to provide wells in order to reduce the sufferings of the people.

Malawi is a country that have been dealt a heavy blow from the HIV/AIDS scourge, leaving behind so many orphaned children in addition to the impoverished environment that is a general characteristic of most part of the country. We not only take care of feeding and raising a lot of these kids, but equally provide vocational education training that will help them lead a sustainable life as adult when they are ready to leave the orphanage.

In addition to the funds required to sustain these projects, provision of basic needs for our missionaries and tools like trucks and motorcycles are equally very essential to the success of our mission work.

The major responsibility of the Project Development Office is to solicit for funds to enable the Missionary Society of St Paul undertake her missionary ventures in the missions.

The Missionary Society of St Paul is a very young missionary family in the Church. We need you as partners and we earnestly request that you become associated with our work to enable us achieve our missionary vision for the Church. Together we will bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Your partnership and support strengthen us as we give the faith and ourselves to others.

As missionaries and partners in the mission we fulfill the call:

  • To share with the poor our precious gifts: spiritual and material.
  • To give to others what we have received.
  • To make ourselves part of the universal mission of the Church.

Become partners with us:

  • Sponsor the training our seminarians, the missionaries of the future.
  • Assist us to empower the people in our missions through school apostolate and self-reliance projects.
  • Donate for the running of MSP orphanages.
  • Help provide medication for the sick, food for the hungry and water for the thirsty in our missions.
  • Support the sustenance of St Paul priests in difficult missions in Africa.
  • Pray with us and for us.

Some give to the Mission by going, some go to the mission by giving, there are no missions without both.


  • "Get yourselves purses that does not wear out, and make safe investments with God, where no thief comes and no moth destroys" (Lk 12:33).
  • "Whenever you did this to one of the least, you did it to me" (Matt 25:40).
  • "Anyone who gives you a drink of water because you belong to Christ and bear his name, truly, I say to you, will not go without reward" (Mk 9:41).
  • Our priests and seminarians pray daily for our benefactors. We offer Masses for our benefactors both living and deceased.



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